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New Westminster, British Columbia, nestled along the Fraser River, is a city steeped in history and charm. Its plumbing architecture reflects the city’s transition in culture from heritage buildings with intricate plumbing architecture to modern high-rise developments with state-of-the-art systems

Its proximity to the waterfront promenades, marinas, and recreational amenities reflect the use of specialised plumbing systems for waterfront activities. The climatic conditions of extreme cold and sometimes high humidity have residents keep their plumbers on speed dial in most households. 

Impero Plumbing understands the rich history of this area and the need for modernising infrastructure. We are available day or night for plumbing emergencies like kitchen sink repairs and faucet leaks and are also here to aid you in case your sewage or systems just need an upgrade.

Plumbing Facts About New Westminster, BC 

  • New Westminster is one of the oldest cities in British Columbia. Most old structures in this locality often feature intricate plumbing systems that reflect the city’s Victorian and Edwardian-era roots.
  • Due to their close proximity to the Fraser Valley River, plumbing systems in waterfront properties or areas with high water tables may require specialised designs and considerations when upgrading.
  • Given its location near the Fraser River and heavy rainfall all year, New Westminster may implement flood mitigation measures to protect properties and infrastructure. Plumbers may be involved in installing backflow prevention devices, sump pumps, and other flood control systems.
  • New Westminster takes pride in preserving its historic buildings and landmarks. Plumbers working on heritage properties must adhere to strict preservation guidelines while upgrading plumbing systems to meet modern safety and efficiency standards.
  • The City of New Westminister is known to offer programs and rebates for those installing eco-friendly low-flow fixtures, rainwater harvesting systems, and greywater recycling solutions. Do check their website to see the latest programs.

Given all the plumbing challenges that face the residents of New Westminster, BC, choosing a licensed and skilled plumber is the best choice.

Impero Plumbing is known for its dependability and fast response to all your plumbing, drainage and sewage needs. Whats more is we are priced to fit your budget and guarantee appointments in 24 hours.



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